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Hospice at Home

one year on

A year on and Lakelands "Hospice at Home" team have fulfilled the wishes of 45 terminally ill people in Corby, enabling them to spend their final days at home with their families and loved ones.

The team of nurses coordinated by Pat Clipston have cared for and supported double the number of patients and families that had been expected in the first year.

It was the lifelong dream of Lakeland Hospice founder Vic Hardy, to provide a service allowing terminally ill patients to die in their own home. A recent report entitled Dying for Change suggests 60% of people would prefer to die at home surrounded by family and friends. Head nurse Cathy Langtree says

"We help the patients in the last weeks of their life and we are there for the family as well. A lot of people want to die at home but are unable to do so because of lack of support."

The service is provided by lakelands Hospice free of charge to patients in the local community, we receive no NHS funding and rely completely on the local community for voluntary donations. The "Hospice at Home" budget has increased to £91,000 for the forthcoming year as demand is expected to continue rising.

In a letter to the readers of the Corby Evening Telegraph in December 2010 Mr Dalby, one of the first to experience care and support from our Hospice at Home service wrote:

"My wife's wish was to die at home with her family around her, and excellent services were put in place to accommodate this."

"When an ailing person requests to spend their last days at home with their family, these qualified and dedicated nurses from Hospice at Home will be there to help as much as they can on request. They come to your home through the day if requested, but more importantly through the night looking after the patient. This gives the family respite to try and catch up on some sleep knowing their loved one is being looked after. Their caring and kindness has been such a help to my family and I, especially when my wife passed away."