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Statement by Vic Hardy

Accreditation of Lakelands by the Gold Standards Framework is an outstanding achievement due to the efforts of Cathy Langtree – Nurse Manager and her team who worked so long and so hard to amend the standard criteria of GSF so that the resulting documentation could be used for assessing hospices.

We are proud of what has been accomplished since we opened; in the way we have extended our services and in the quality of service we have been able to maintain with minimal staff.

Our policy has always been to search for new ways to serve the community. Since we opened the hospice we have moved from offering Cancer Care to offering care for all life limiting conditions at the day hospice, set up a bereavement service and also introduced a Hospice at Home Service.

Despite difficult times ahead, we are committed to a policy of constant development whilst maintaining the highest quality of care that has now been endorsed by the prestigious “Beacon” Award which is the highest award GSF can give.

Lakelands is an integral part of our community in the north of the county and will always respond to its needs; so long as funding allows. Our aim is to achieve recognition as a prime example of quality “Care in the community”, all we need is help.

Vic Hardy
Lakelands Hospice Founder