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Patient Audit 2012

The audit is made up of feedback collected by the patients of Lakelands Day Care Hospice and will provide a summary of the patient's opinion and suggestions about the hospice and its staff.

This audit was completed in May 2012 by Ashleigh McConnachie; a 1st year Tresham College student who is studying BTEC Health Studies.

Do you feel that you get help when you need it?

'Yes!' All of the day care patients at the hospice felt that all members of staff are always very helpful.

Do you feel that you can ASK for help when you need it?

'Yes, of course' All day care patients felt that they could ask any member of staff for help when they need it.

Do you feel that you can talk to staff about any problems that you have?

'Yes, definitely' The patients all agreed that they are able to speak to both volunteer staff and nursing staff about any problems that they may have.

Do you feel that you are treated with dignity and re-spect while you are at the hospice?

'Yes 100%' 'Definitely' All patients agreed and further explained that they feel that they are always treated with dignity and are re-spected within the hospice.

Do you feel that your right of confidentiality are respected?

'Yes!' All patients said yes to believing their private and confidential information is respected in the hospice.

Do you feel cared for by the nurse?

'Yes, definitely' All day care patients agreed that they feel that they are genuinely cared for within the hospice.

Are the complimentary therapies available for you when you want them?

Some patients commented.. 'No, could do with more volunteers coming in to give them' 'We think that some volunteers treatment could alternate their visits'.

Do you think that the minibus is good value for money?

'Yes, most definitely' 'They are very good' All patients agreed that they are happy with the value for money on the minibus.

Are there any activities that you would like to have available at the hospice?

Patients gave a variety of activities that they would like to be able to do at the hospice... Poker night Playing cards Dominoes Scrabble Computer and IT education Quizzes And to also 'notify new patients at the hospice of what activities are available as some patients did not know that scrabble, games etc. were available'.

Friday Patients

Do you enjoy the slide shows/power points? And what are their benefits for you?

'Yes, found it helpful, interesting and picked up tips' The patients on a Friday found power points on medication and the anatomy of the body very helpful as doctor's and nurses at the hospital do not explain things very clearly.

Do you feel that attending the programme at the Hospice has benefited you? Why?

'Definitely!' The patients agreed that they have found the programme exceptionally helpful as it has got them out of the house, they have met new people with the same illness and feel less upset about themselves.