Big Hugs!

Debbie Deathridge & Charles Kruger

Debbie and Charles finished with a combined judges score of 80 and a fundraising total at the end of the night of £1,066.50!

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Debbie Deathridge

profile debbieDebbie Deathridge not only owns and runs the Fitness Factory Gym in Corby but also manages to work full time too!

She has always had a passion for fitness and always dreamed of opening her own gym which she finally realised in January of this year.

Debbie has been married to husband Gary for the past 6 years and feels blessed in having a "very lively" 3 year old son named Lucas.

Although very busy with work and running the Fitness Factory Debbie commits regulary to sponsored events for the Lakelands Hospice Charity and so was only too happy to take part in strictly... even though she confesses to having two left feet!!

Debbie said "I am thoroughly enjoying learning the dances with my strictly partner Charles".

Charles Kruger

profile charles

As the "professional" it has been more than a challenge to train and tame the brilliant and devastatingly gorgeous ...... Debbie!!

Charles has only been dancing a few years with MaSh dance studio, but feels privileged to be asked to take part and deeply supports the hard work of Lakelands hospice.

After training as a strictly professional under the watchful eye of Miss Ainsworth and Miss Scriven, Charles now feels the task in hand is much more achievable, as boot camp draws to a close.

Charles' passion is flying and as such he is planning his flight path to cruise through the competition!

Charles said "I feel confident after weeks of practice, swollen ankles and bruised feet, we will provide a high level of 'entertainment' on the night!!"