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Strictly Corby

2014 review

Strictly Corby 2014 was as glitter-tastic as ever this year, raising a grand total of £33,682.48! 

This year's contestants were: 

Trish Oliver (ASDA) and dance partner Alex Turigel

Abbie Kennedy (Oxford University Press) and Stuart Hales

Michelle Petch (RS Components) and Dennis Smart 

Jayne Edwards (Santander) and Terry West

Scott Carson (RS Components) and Emily Head

Trevor Hunter (Lakelands Hospice) and Terry West

Chris Savage (Knight's Lodge) and Marye Simmonds

Warren Browning (Best Wester Hotel) and Laura Scriven 

Josh Murphy (Tata Steel) and Shelley Davis 

The team as a whole were the real winners, performing to such an icnredivble standard and raising the £30k, but it was Deb Mapson who took hoome the giant glitter ball trophy, with Jayne Edwards the runner-up and Josh Murphy taking third place. 

Abbie Kennedy and her partner Stuart Hales took away the Best Show Dance award after dancing a stunning routine to 'Let's Face the Music and Dance' whilst Chris Savage and his partner Marye Simmonds were awarded the 'Spirit of Strictly' title given tothe ocuple who had had the most interesting journey. 

Organiser Paul Marlow commented 'Chris was the last dancer to come on board but he threw himself into the practise routines, wherever they could find a space - car parks, toilets, hallways - they danced! 

'We were all stunned to have beatens last year's total by a whopping £10k, it is a truly amazing effort by all the dancers who really pulled together as a team to put on a professional show. This event really captures the Corby public's imaginiation with the tickets selling out in just over an hour. The feedback from all quarters has been fantastic.'