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Making Your Day Special

We want you to enjoy and remember your day. So if you wish to make your support public, we will be delighted to help you celebrate your day in a number of ways.

personalised certificate

A personalised certificate for your chosen day will be displayed in the reception area at Lakelands Hospice on your chosen day itself which will then be available for you to take away and keep as a memento.

book of days

In reception at the hospice is our special 'Book of Days' which is a permanent record of every day that had been paid for by local supporters. Your name, or the name of your organisation, plus if you wish, a personal message from you, will be inscribed alongside the date of your special day.

on our website

On your chosen day, your name or the name of your organisation can be displayed on the home page of the Lakelands Hospice website. We can also provide you with a page on our site that allows you to talk about why you chose to pay for a day and, if you wish, how you raised the money. This is where you will also be able to place a note of thanks or recognition to anyone else who may have been involved.

personal visit

The best way we can say thank you to supporters who pay for a day at Lakelands Hospice is to invite you to come in and see for yourselves how your support is helping people living with cancer and heart failure and their families.

We have reserved one Friday every month when we will be delighted to invite you for tea, cake and a tour of the hospice.

You will have the opportunity to meet some of the staff also and you will get to see directly how your support is helping us to care for these most deserving people.