Big Hugs!

Sahara Trek 2014


team standing on a sand dune

Here are the updates we have received from the team via text (and facebook) over the past few days keeping us up to date with their progress. Please check our facebook page for more photos.

Latest update (Fri 28th): Live update from Marrakech via the wonders of wi-fi. Congratulations to each and every Lakelands trekker, it's been a really challenging four days, 43degree heat, sandstorms, lost camels, lots of laughs but a few tears as well. I think we all underestimated how tough it was going to be but that only adds to the achievement. Straight to bed now (midnight on Thurs) for a 7am start at a local project in Marrakech that supports under privileged teenage and elderly patients where we will be painting ward rooms, more pics to follow.

Thurs 27th: Another interesting update from our #saharatrek team: Yesterday's sandstorm in 43 degrees was tough going but the day ended nicely with a ride on the camels before the evening meal and the guides cooking bread in the sand. Amazing food apparently so Fundraising Manager Paul will be happy! Today was another early start for them, off trekking by 7am.

Weds 26th: 'Very tough day today, the group is very tired. Just stopped for lunch but a sandstorm hit us - really awkward! We travelled 12 miles this morning over very different landscapes including a small mountain which was a tricky climb but worth the view. Bit of a drama when the guide lost our camels so that we had no water for an hour which was tense! All well for the moment, at least!'

Tues 25th: Our #saharatrek team enjoyed an amazing bus ride through the Atlas Mountains yesterday, then walked for 2 hours before setting up their tents in the dark. After breakfast today they will be heading out on a 4 hour trek ending with a well earned siesta.

Mon 24th: Trip has started well. The team is heading out of Marakesh today on an 8 hour bus journey to the edge of the Sahara. Weather is super hot!