Big Hugs!

Skydive 2014

one of our Skydivers poised to land

A team of 14 braved the skies for Lakelands this year, raising £4,000 and counting!

The team all jumped on different days due to weather delays (and holidays!) so all but one have now jumped and the collective total raised is still rising - they hit £4,000 and are still going! 

Every member of Team Lakelands jumped from 13,000ft and all are safely back on the ground! There were some delays as the wind was quite gusty in August - the jumps happening between the 17th and 28th August, but all managed it safely and enjoyably! 

In the (slightly modified) words of one of our jumpers, Graham Galway, it was '*flipping* awesome'.

To see more photos, please visit our facebook page and look in the photo section.