Big Hugs!

Three Peaks Challenge 2014

the team stood as a group half way up Ben Nevis

A team of 7 mountain climbers and our trusty driver embarked on a mission to climb the three highest peaks in the UK in under 24 hours!

We set out from Corby at 6.30am and completely enjoyed the 8 hour journey by minibus up to Ben Nevis, Scotland – mountain number one! We kept looking out of the windows thinking 'that looks pretty steep' only to turn a corner and see another, even bigger mountain!

We began the ascent in the early evening, and made it to the summit just when it had got dark. It was pretty scary once we were two thirds up the side of the mountain and we entered 'the cloud' – just keeping an eye on the person a few metres in front of you became difficult, and when you got to the top the temperature dropped suddenly and the wind picked up. We didn't stay up there for long!

It takes a ridiculous amount of concentration to climb a mountain – just being aware of your surroundings, where everyone else in the team is and making sure your footing is secure was exhausting, never mind the actually energy it takes to hike up and down the mountains!

We got to Scafell Pike, mountain number two, in the Lake District early on Saturday morning and began climbing about 7.30am. Scafell was the shortest but steepest climb, so we managed it in about five and a half hours. Again, when we got to the top it was really foggy but we took a few minutes to take some photos and whilst we did, the cloud cleared – only for a few minutes – and the views were sensational! It was completely worth the climb for that moment.

After Scafell, it was back on the road to Mountain Three – the Welsh one, Snowdon. It was later in the afternoon when we got there again, about 5pm, and half way up the mountain, after 29.5 hrs we were forced to concede defeat and come down Mt Snowdon after taking the advice of more experienced climbers and on safety grounds with the bad weather coming in, darkness setting in and general fatigue making it unsafe. We're very disappointed but it was the right decision. 

Many Thanks to all each and every member of the Team (from left to right in the photo), Emma McGinty, Sophie Harris (Community Fundraiser), Neil Smith, David Laird, Paul Marlow (Fundraising Manager), Marc McMillan and Danny Hines (taking the photo!), but most especially to our driver and cook, David O'Connor, without whom it would not have been possible. The team have raised a whopping £2,151 so far which, married with climbing two and a half mountains under such circumstances, is a fantastic achievement.

We will be running the event again next year – so if you fancy the challenge of a lifetime, please get in touch with the fundraising team by emailing Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.