Big Hugs!

Singing for Lakelands with Brendan Coyle

Brendan with Vicki-Louise on the day

13 year old Vicki-Louise Sherwin came up with the idea of a 'Singing for Lakelands' fundraiser, being a classical singer herself, and so organised the event - and then our patron, Brendan Coyle (Mr Bates from Downton Abbey) came along too!

Vicki-Louise came in to the hospice earlier in the year to sing for our patients, and was inspired by their courage to put on a fundraising event in their honour. Contacting other talented perfomers in the Corby area, Vicki-louise organised the event herself, getting raffle prizes, putting together the programme and then tweeting Brendan to ask him to help promote the event. 

To her surprise, Brendan not only replied to her tweet to help raise awareness of the event, but called Vicki-Louise an 'inspiration' and said he would be coming along to the event himself! 

The event filled the Rockingham Suite at the Best Western, with acts such as the 'Deep Roots, Tall Trees' choir, Charlie Botting (another classical singer from Kettering), Rockingham Village Primary School, Emma Mellon and the Contenders as well as Vicki-Louise herself, all performing on the day and Brendan giving a small talk at the event of the event to commend them all. 

The event was a fantastic success, raising a brilliant £2,659.88. Vicki-Louise will be putting on another event in the same style just in time for Christmas on Sunday 14th December at 2.30pm. For any enquiries or to book tickets for this event, please call us on 01536 747755