Gerry Takes On Hadrian's Wall
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Gerry Takes On Hadrian's Wall

a view of Hadrian's Wall at sunset

Gerry Cooney is planning to walk 84 miles across the full length of Hadrian's Wall in May 2015, to raise funds for us here at Lakelands. Gerry, 54, will carry out the walk independently, with just a backpack of supplies on his back.

Gerry is an avid Corby Town fan, and did an interview with, saying; "A couple of years ago, along with some other Steelmen supporters, I took part in a short walk to raise money for the local Lakelands Hospice. Since then I have always wanted to do something more.

"As a keen walker, I have made the decision to complete Hadrian's Wall, which is something I have always wanted to do; and raise some sponsorship money for Lakelands in the process.

"I expect that at some point during my walk I will suffer pain and hardship. This however, will be nothing compared to the suffering of some people and those who care for them on a daily basis.

"If I achieve my goal, I am sure I will get patted on the back and congratulated. The real recognition should go to those who care for the sick and the best way to honour this, is to make a donation, which is within your budget."

To donate please visit

Gerry will be completing the 84mile challenge in one weekend at the end of May.

Everyone at Lakelands wished Gerry the very best of luck with his challenge of a lifetime, and we look forward to hearing about it all – and seeing the pictures – when completed!