Big Hugs!

Gerry's Hadrian's Wall Hike

Gerry with his thumbs up at the trains station for the journey home

Gerry Cooney completed the 84 miles trek along Hadrian’s Wall for us over the weekend of 29th – 31st May, raising £1,725 in the process!

Gerry has always been an avid walker but began training in earnest for the walk a few months ago, wanting to do something more challenging for us at the hospice.

The experience has been one that began before he even commenced upon the walk. After an interview by Radio Northampton, Gerry was inundated with support on his JustGiving page but also with one man, Tom, phoning all of the Cooney’s in the phone directory in order to give Gerry some advice from his personal experiences of having walked Hadrian’s Wall! The interest, support and encouragement Gerry has received from the most unlikely places has been truly incredible, and we know it helped make his walk all the richer. 

Gerry travelled up by train with everything he needed for the trek in his backpack, and spent the evenings camped out along the way. The weather held for the first day, but Gerry was soaked on the second day and that night was a wet and uncomfortable one! He had to walk, drenched through, for the last 16 miles to Wallsend and managed to get changed in the toilets at Newcastle train station!

Gerry wanted to thank all who supported him, recently saying: ‘Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. It is my honest opinion that your contribution was equal, if not greater, than mine. I am humbled by your sacrifice.’ 

We at the hospice would like to thank Gerry for his generosity and determination, he has been an inspiration throughout the process and we hope he thoroughly enough his challenge.