Radio in the Day Room!
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Radio in the Day Room!

picture of John Griff, the radio presenter

The John Griff Afternoon Show - BBC Radio Northampton - aired live from the day room on Tuesday 22nd September as part of Lakelands Week!

John interviewed staff members, patients, volunteers and one of our founding trustees, Vic Hardy, to get perspectives on the hospice from as many people as he could - and discovered a whole new side to hospice life: the fun side! At times, the laughter in the background as the patients played a particularly raucous game of 'Play Your Cards Right' was clearly audible and left him amused at how 'there was lots of excitement, lots of energy in the room' - in fact, just how much life and vitality there was in the hospice. 

One patient on the show told John 'When you come here, you learn how strong you are ... it has enriched my life.' 

The interviewees were Vic Hardy, one of our founding trustees; Cathy Langtree, our nurse manager; a number of patients telling of their positive experiences; volunteers and one couple in particular, Sue and Andy Hall - a service user and the other a volunteer - who spoke touchingly of their story and how coming in contact with the hospice had been such a help. It is well worth a listen. 

You can listen to the whole show now (until the 22nd October 2015) at: