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Lakelands Garden Project Complete

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Lakelands Legacy Garden Project is complete


May 2017

Lakelands Hospice were thrilled to receive the top grant of £12,000 from Tesco’s Bags of Help and Groundworks towards our Lakelands Community Legacy Garden Project.

We used the grant to make the hospice gardens more accessible to all patients, carers and visitors. A new pathway has been created out of different materials so more of the garden can be seen by all who visit the hospice.  The new pathway meanders around our garden room and under the trees where an archway has been formed.  Increasing the safety and access to open spaces for our patients is important to us. This will be a particular benefit to our patients with COPD and Advanced Heart Failure as we plan to put seats or benches at regular stops so that those patient that get out of breath quickly can have a little break before moving on. The benefits of fresh air for our patients include, good for digestion, improves blood pressure and heart rate, makes you happier, strengthens immune system, cleans lungs and energy levels and a sharper mind. 

A large water feature has been installed and as it has been proven that the sound of water alleviates stress.  Patients living with and coping with having a life limiting illness this will be hugely beneficial to them.

Some of the funds were also used to create an enclosure for garden waste and to enable us to become more environmentally friendly by recycling grass and bush waste. 

Groundwork’s national Chief Executive, Graham Duxbury, said: “Bags of Help is giving our communities both the funding and the support to create better, healthier and greener places for everyone to enjoy.




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