Big Hugs!

Make My Day Better

In recognition of the kind support for Lakelands Hospice from the Make My Day Better Charitable Trust.

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Caring for Corby - Summer 2014

summermagazine june2014

Our latest - and all-new glossy - Lakelands Magazine has been sent out this week as is now available for your perusal. 

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Sahara Trek 2014

team standing on a sand dune

Our Sahara Trek team are alive and well and have completed the 'trek' part of their mission; currently they are in Marrakech working on a local community project.  

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Lakelands Mascot


Meet Leroy the Lakelands Lion, the Lakelands Mascot, as designed by Matthew Leer of Studfall Junior School, Corby.

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Brass Monkey 2014

runnesr at the starting line, just off

Despite the atrocious weather, we had a record year in both number of entrants and the total raised!

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Pamper Evening

pamper website 2 jan2014

Our Pamper Evening was a wonderful success, creating both a relaxed atmosphere and vital profits!

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