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Fundraising Toolkit

keeping your fundraising legal

Please do not do anything unsafe or illegal – everything you do will reflect on our charity and our reputation in the community is very important to us.

Get in contact if you are in doubt of anything, our Community Fundraiser is always happy to offer advice and guidance. Call 01536 747755 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you want to sell alcoholic drinks at your event and the venue is not already licensed you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) via your local authority licencing department. You will need a registered licensee to make the application and they will need to be present at your event.

Charity Statement

You must state the following on all printed and digital materials you use, including letters, tickets, emails, websites, posters, flyers and adverts etc. “In Aid of Lakelands Day Care Hospice, registered charity no.1062120?. We will supply you with a digital copy of our logo to use, which you can resize to suit your needs. However we ask you not to change the proportions or any part of the design.


If children are included in the event you are organising, make sure it is properly and adequately supervised. You must provide proper adult supervision and check that the parent or guardian has given permission for their child to take part.

Proper background checks must be made on any adults that will have unsupervised access to children.

Never allow anyone under 16 to fundraise alone, they must always be accompanied by an adult.

Collecting Money

You will need a “Street Collection Licence” from your local authority to collect funds on the street or in a public place. It is illegal to go about collecting funds in this way without a licence.

You do not need a licence to make a collection within private properties such as a business or a shop but you will need written permission from the manager / owner.

Current regulations prohibit rattling of tins and directly approaching members of the public for donations.


If you sell food at a fundraising event you must follow food safety laws. You can obtain guidelines from your local environmental health department.


Consider the insurance cover you will require for your event. Find out what your events venue will cover on their public liability insurance and again with any companies that are supplying you with equipment.

When holding events in public areas please make sure you are covered by the local authority public liability insurance and that you have the appropriate licences.


By snapping people having lots of fun at your event you can inspire others to have a go too. So please share your event with us by emailing your best photos to us.

Get permission from anyone that you take a picture of, you will need permission from parents before taking photos of children, preferably written. Let them know that the images may be used for publicity purposes by yourself and Lakelands Hospice.

Raffles & Tombolas

Holding a raffle or tombola at a public event is fairly straight forward to organise and an excellent way of fundraising.

These do not require a licence, however there are a couple of strict rules regarding holding one.

  • The raffle or tombola must not be the main attraction of the event but just a side show.

  • Tickets can only be sold at the event, the raffle must also be drawn and winners announced before the end of the event.

  • There must be no cash prizes (although store vouchers are allowed) and you must not spend more than £250 on prizes (there is no limit to the value of donated prizes).

  • If bottles of alcohol are included in the raffle prizes then only over 18’s are allowed to sell or buy tickets

  • The purchase and selling of raffle tickets is restricted to over 16’s only


Lotteries & Prize Draws

There are strict and complex laws relating to all other forms of lotteries and prize draws. You may require a special licence from your local authority or gambling board. Visit website for the latest advice.