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Fundraising Toolkit

handling money

Take care with any money you have collected for our charity, preferably use a lockable tin to keep it in and always count money in the presence of at least two other witnesses.

Expenses may be deducted from entry fees and sale of goods, but must not be taken from donations and sponsorship monies as these have been given in good faith to the charity and therefore must be paid directly to Lakelands Hospice.

Transferring Money

All funds collected should be transferred to us within 4 weeks of collection. Collection buckets and tins will have been security sealed and must be returned to us unopened for counting. We will of course let you know how much you have raised.

All other funds can either be paid in by post or in person at the Day Care Centre on Butland Road (Mon – Fri 9-5pm)

Cheques should be made payable to “Lakelands Day Care Hospice” and addressed to Lakelands Day Care Centre, Butland Road, Oakley Vale, Corby, Northants. NN18 8LX

When sending a cheque, please make sure you include a note mentioning your name and your event so that we know who to attribute it to!