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Fundraising Toolkit

planning your event

Plan ahead for a safe and successful event and please don’t forget to complete our  ”Event Registration Form” to let us know what you are doing.

Choosing Your Fundraising Event

Being creative and innovative in your fundraising is wonderful, but do try and keep the event simple at the same time, as these are often more effective and certainly easier to organise.


Give yourself plenty of time to organise & publicise your event. Think about what other events are happening around the same time, trying to avoid clashes with other local events. The day of the week and time of day you choose may also have an effect on your success.


Pick a realistic fundraising target and at the same time it’s a good idea to make a list of all your possible expenses. Then why not see how much you can get for free! Try asking your friends, neighbours, workplaces or even approach local businesses. By keeping your costs to a minimum, more of the money you raise can go to caring for people in our community.

Raising Money

It will depend on the type of event as to what method you use to raise the money - Sponsorship, collections, ticket sales, or entrance fees etc. We can provide you with collection buckets but you will need to rustle up some of your own volunteers to make the collections for you.


Choose an appropriate sized venue for your audience / participants. Think about if the venue has suitable transport access and disabled access. If there is a charge for the venue then always mention that your event is in aid of Lakelands Hospice as the fee may be reduced or even waived.


Finally if your event is outdoors then please make sure you have a Plan B!