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Fundraising Toolkit

promoting your fundraising event

If your event is open to the general public, it is important to publicise it as much as possible.

Posters & Flyers

Making posters and flyers can be a cheap and effective way of telling people about your fundraising events, especially if you can design & print them on a home computer. Don’t forget to send us copies of all your publicity materials so we can promote your event too!

Unfortunately our resources are limited and are unable to design or print posters for you, although we have provided a template poster that you can use. Good locations for your posters/flyers are: churches, village halls, pubs, shops, fast food shops, work’s notice boards, sport and leisure clubs, hairdressers etc.

Remember that any publicity material you produce must include our logo and our charity statement “In Aid of Lakelands Day Care Hospice, registered charity no.1062120.

Social Media

Set up an event page listing on Facebook and invite all your followers. Remember to invite us too we have lots of followers who may be interested in your event.

And there’s twitter where you can not only publicise the event but keep people informed how the organising is going and even get tweeting during your event, letting people know what’s going on! We will twitter your event to our followers at

JustGiving and JustTextGiving

JustGiving is a fantastic way of collecting sponsorship. Building a page takes just a few minutes and is completely free. You then share your page with friends and family by email or via Facebook and iPhone apps. Your friends donate and the money is transferred directly to us. You do not need to chase friends for payment.

When building your JustGiving page make sure you choose the option of a personal “short code” so people are able to donate via text. Visit

Website Listings

There are many opportunities on the internet to get your event listed, a quick search and you’ll find them. We will happily list your event on our website.

The Media

Don’t forget to send out press releases to local newspapers & radio stations. We have good relationships with the local media and they will often support events in aid of Lakelands Hospice. Try the Corby Evening Telegraph, Corby Radio and Connect FM.