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Living with Heart Failure/COPD

clinicians information

Referrals should be completed on the appropriate referral forms and faxed to the contact number stated on the top of the form (copy of the NYHA Classification can be found in appendix 1).

Referrals will be responded to within 2 working days and assessed against the suitability criteria.

The patient will then be assessed in their own home environment. This assessment will be carried out either by the hospice nurses involved in the programme or a specific Heart Failure / COPD Nurse.

If suitable the patient will receive a letter to confirm a place on the programme. It will also state the commencement date.

A letter will also be sent to the patient’s GP confirming a place on the programme and when it is due to start.

The GP will be asked to confirm whether the patient requires oxygen. If this is the case then they will be asked to send a copy of the prescription to the hospice. This will be kept in the patient’s hospice notes.