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Living with Heart Failure

at the end of the programme

The team will meet together prior to the last week of the programme to assess how well you have benefited from attending, and to discuss what will happen once you have finished the programme itself.

If it is felt that you have gained maximum benefit from attending then you will be encouraged to join the heart failure / COPD support group. However if the team feels you require further support and education and would benefit from re-attending the programme then you may be invited back when the new programme commences.

If the heart failure / COPD nurse deems that your condition is stable then you will remain on the heart failure caseload and can access the service by contacting the heart failure nurse if you have any problems in the future.

A letter will be sent to your GP to confirming whether you have successfully completed the programme or whether you have been invited back. The Heart Failure / COPD Nurse will also specify whether you remains active or inactive on the heart failure caseload.