Big Hugs!
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Our Family Story

Our dad passed away recently at home with all of us with him, which is what he wanted.

We had recently been caring for my father more and more, as his condition deteriorated. Although the family took it in turns to care for dad during the night, with the increased care he needed, we here becoming extremely tired as we were unable to sleep.

The district nurses referred dad to Lakelands Hospice at Home team who provided qualified nursing staff to attend and care for dad every night until he passed away.

The night-time care meant that we could go to bed as dad was being well looked after. This enabled us to continue caring for him during the days, thus ensuring we kept our promise to him that we would nurse him at home.

We cannot thank Lakelands nurses enough for the dedication and support they gave both my father and us through this difficult period. They ensured dad was comfortable, pain free and received the dignity he deserved at the end of his life.

This has comforted us as a family to know we made the right decision to care for him at home.

Sheila and Susan