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Hospice at Home

frequently asked questions

Our Hospice at Home team offer high quality care for the terminally ill residents of Corby who wish to remain at home.

We realise that these will be difficult times and would like to try and allay any concerns you may have.

When do you come in and look after my loved one?

Your community team will refer your loved one when it is felt that additional support and help would be beneficial. We will organise overnight care from 10pm until 6.00am.

Will you come in every night?

Our aim is to provide you with care every night for as long as is needed. Our Hospice @ Home Coordinator will liaise with you on a regular basis and if we have no nurse available she will let you know in advance.

Are you all qualified nurses?
Yes all our staff are Registered General Nurses with additional training and / or experience in palliative care pathways, such as the Gold Standard Framework.

Will it be a different nurse each night?
We try and keep to the same one or two nurses for continuation of care. Sometimes this is not always possible but our team of six nurses are all highly experienced.

Do I have to provide anything for the nurse?
We ask that you provide a comfortable chair for the nurse to sit in and tea and coffee making facilities.

Will the nurse come in and take over?
No not at all. The nurse is a guest in your home and will respect this at all times. You will be involved in all major decisions concerning your loved one and their care.

Will I still be able to care for my loved one?
Yes of course. If you wish to carry on providing the care for your loved one the nurse will support you in this.

Will I still be able to be on my own with my loved one?
Yes of course. Our nurse is a guest in your home and will not be offended if you want her to sit in another room to give you privacy.

Will other family members still be able to be there?
Yes of course we expect you to carry on as normal and the nurse will fit in with your family.

Will I be able to go to bed / stay up?
The nurse will encourage you to go to bed and get some rest. After all you are caring for your loved one 24/ 7 and you still need to look after yourself. If you do want to stay up then of course this isn't a problem.

If there is any change will the nurse wake me if I go to bed?
Yes the nurse will wake you if there is any deterioration in your loved one's condition.

I don't live with my loved one, will I be able to go home and leave the nurse?
Yes. We would ask that if you did this you left the nurse with a contact number and instructions of how to lock the house in the morning when she leaves.

If my loved one has any symptoms will the nurse deal with them?
Yes the nurse will be able to give any drugs prescribed by the Doctor to control any symptoms that arise.

What will happen if my loved one improves?
If your loved one improves or symptoms become stable and the nurses feel that you don't need us, we will stop coming in. When there is the slightest change or you need us again we will resume the service immediately.

Will you stop coming if my loved one has been cared for longer than four weeks?
No. If your loved one is near the end of their life we will continue to care for them for as long is needed.

If I don't want a nurse to come for one night will you withdraw the service?
No. Sometimes families just want to have some completely private time and we will respect this decision and continue with the service the following night.

Do I have to pay for the service?
No. Lakelands Hospice is a registered charity relying on donations from our local community.

What if I have a problem or need advice?
You will be able to ring the hospice for advice Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and will also be given our out of hours phone number for urgent queries.